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Good Morning, Friends: Volume 1

A Collection of Weekly Radio Messages

R.J. Rushdoony

From 1953 to 1956, Reverend R. J. Rushdoony gave weekly radio talks at Santa Cruz, California station KSCO that reveal a perfect blend of strong theology with poignant pastoral counsel. In fact, these insightful, concise messages are so well done they could be used for both individual and group discipleship at any level. They are a storehouse of wisdom, inspiration, strong doctrine, exhortation, and comfort for the Christian life.

Spanning subjects from the Reformed faith to the Trinity, life, suffering, prayer, the Bible, church, wisdom, and much more, you’ll hear Rushdoony in a way you may not have heard him before. You’ll sense he’s speaking directly to you in pastoral fashion, and you’ll enjoy every chapter.

This three-volume series is must have for any Christian of any age and experience.

25. Sin

26. Effectual Calling

27. Sanctification

28. Adoption

29. Brands

30. What is Faith?

31. Saving Faith

32. Of Repentance unto Life

33. The Meaning of Purity

34. God’s Educational Process

35. “Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled”

36. “What Can the Righteous Do?”

37. Responsibility

38. Obedience (Ephesians 6)

39. “It Is More Blessed”

40. “Wait Patiently On Him”

41. The Habit of Self-Justification

42. Who is Infallible?

43. “The Lord Directeth”

44. “Sifted in a Sieve”

45. He that Walketh in Darkness

46. The Key to Understanding

47. When God Asks

48. No Vacancies